Atlanta Bathrooms

Your bathroom should be a haven of tranquillity. A place to relax and unwind. We understand the importance of having such a stylish, practical bathroom that has been crafted with high quality materials that are built to last. Atlanta furniture has been designed and manufactured in the UK for over 55 years built by our team of talented individuals which are supplied with a lifetime guarantee. With choices of colours, sizes and styles, the Atlanta range of modular and fitted furniture offers a look that is ideal for your new bathroom.


Atlanta Bathrooms offer a range of stunning, UK manufactured, modular furniture designed to suit a variety of bathroom ideas and inspirations. The modular furniture offerings allow individual pieces to be placed as required around your bathroom or wetroom without the restrictions that you may find with fitted furniture. Atlanta's Modular units offer a range of colours, finishes, textures, sizes and a multitude of high quality internal components for peace of mind.


Atlanta Bathrooms offer a range of stunning fitted furniture designs to suit a variety of bathroom ideas and inspirations. Their range of fitted furniture offerings allow you to make the most of your space with slimline, standard or deep installations that you can mix and match as required. Fitted bathrooms include furniture that can be attached to the floor or wall to provide storage space for towels, toiletries and other bathroom essentials. A neat, tidy installation creates a perfect space to relax and unwind. Create your perfect, functional bathroom or wetroom bespoke to you.