This is just a guide for reference only, rooms may require more than one radiator. If this applies to you, divide the required output between the number of radiators required. All figures given are for Delta T 50°

Detla Conversions

Btu's are measured in a number of different ways. We use delta T50 which supplies the most realistic figure for the majority of British central heating systems. If you have a different delta rated boiler feel free to check the btu's below, simply type into the box which you have BTU figures for.

Many companies list T60 figures because they look larger when in reality unless your central heating system is running at T60 you will not get these figures.

Watts to BTU Conversion

Watts(W) to BTUs per hour (BTU/hr) power conversion calculator. Simply eneter the watts or btus figure below and out calculator will convert the figure for you!
(This calculation uses Delta T50)