Here Is Why Summer Is The Best Time To Change Your Radiators…

Here Is Why Summer Is The Best Time To Change Your Radiators…

When thinking about the summer heat, the last thing that may come to mind is your radiator… But here is why the summertime is the best time to swap out your radiators.

It Will Save You The Hassle When You Really Need The Heat

Swapping out your radiators may not be the first thing on your list, especially during the summer heat, but swapping them early means you will not have to do it when the temperature begins to drop and you really need them! During the summer, some radiator outlets may also run sales on heating items, meaning you may get your radiators at a cheaper price.

1200mm(w) x 500mm(h) “Barlo” Anthracite Designer Horizontal Radiator

Swapping in the summer also helps iron out any potential issues you may get when installing your new radiator, giving you plenty of time to sort them out before you actually need to use the radiator and turn it on.

Plumbers Can Be Less Busy In The Summer

Buying a radiator in the summer will help with the install, as plumbers can be less busy during the summer months.

When it comes to mending, replacing, or bleeding your radiator, you will most likely need the assistance of a trained professional. Given the nature of the business, Installer’s and Plumbers’ schedules are naturally busier during the winter months, when repairs and maintenance on radiators and boilers are needed much more frequently.

390mm (w) x 1300mm (h) “Titan” Curved Chrome Vertical D-Profile Designer Radiator

Therefore, when the sun is out it means your plumber/installer is likely to be less busy and will have more time to ensure your radiator is fitted and set up properly, saving any installation issues that may occur later down the line.

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